Artist, JustLola was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised in the downtown core of the city in an area called Cabbagetown by her blue-collar parents, father an electrician and mother, a travel agency owner. They immigrated to Canada from the former Yugoslavia via Germany. Lola's first language was actually, German, not English.


Lola has always had a passion for the arts; showing an interest and aptitude since the early age of 3. Mostly self-taught, however, when she was 18 she left to live in France as an au pair for one year learning French and studying art privately in Engien Les Bains, a small, colorful town outside of Paris, France.  There, she absorbed various techniques from the notable street artists that were students of the Sorbonne and Ecole des Beaux-Arts in France. She continues to this day to learn from local talented artists – to expand her style & knowledge of different formats & mediums.


In 1994, Lola relocated to the “Big Apple”, New York City and for the next 8 years she continued to apprentice with local New York artists - one of which was her major influence, L.A. Willette who has since passed. She continued to earn her living through the sale of private commissions. After several successful private exhibitions in New York, Lola re-assessed and decided to return to Toronto in 2003.


Continuing to paint & train with local artists, she has never wanted to define her art and lets the process evolve on its own organically. In 2007 she trained under Eric L. Budovich, who was a student of the world-famous Norwegian Post-Modern artist, Odd Nerdrum.


As always, she is willing to learn new techniques and in 2011, she sought out local Toronto artist, Matt Tarini - known for his specialty in realism and featured on the TV Show, “Star Portraits”, and proud to say she was one of his first official students.


Her work has been featured in print in the Toronto Star, Toronto Sun and the Globe and Mail along with being featured on the TV show, "Cabin Pressure" and has been a frequent supplier of custom art on "Cityline" numerous times. Her art is collected privately all over the country. Lola has successfully showcased a brand new series of landscape paintings and reclaimed artwork for the September 2014 Artfest in Schomberg, Ontario. In 2015 and 2016 she has appeared at the Queen Street Art Crawl. She has most recently been featured in a solo exhibition at the Skier Gallery in August 2016 featuring her Abstract Portraits of strong women. 2017 she is showing a new series of landscape art work at the newly opened Stockyards Gallery.


Her website reflects her various works, love of animals and influences. She hopes her work will contribute, influence and inspire not only art enthusiasts but society as well.